My Background


I'm trained as a Systemic Coach. I can break down communication issues using language models and consult on the basis of concepts such as Motivational Interviewing. 

My education: I graduated as communications scientist and political science major at the University of Hamburg, Germany.  Therefore  I'm able to define target groups, create surveys, analyze data and use communications models, and exchange ideas with colleagues from other disciplines. My studies of political science helps me to understand the scope of the current AI revolution and how it might affect various parts of our societies. 

I also have been a content creator and PR manager - based on a bachelors degree in digital video production & editing. I intuitively understand different levels of language and can adapt to new communication requirements quickly. I also love scripting videos and collaborate on multimedia projects. Since I worked for startups most of the time, I still enjoy brainstorming on fresh business models. 

I want to follow my passion for tech and therefore I dive deep about how to improve coaching with AI tools and how to improve not so tech savvy teams by training them accordingly.


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