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Here is what I do as a coach within the basic concepts of a change project 



I will facilitate collaboration between team members by hosting brainstorming and planning sessions. 

My tasks would include identifying areas where cooperation can be improved, providing training on effective communication and collaboration techniques, and monitoring progress towards goals.


External Expertise 

I will help the company identify external experts who can provide guidance on AI implementation. My tasks will include researching potential experts or consulting firms with relevant expertise. I coordinate meetings between the experts and company leadership or teamsas needed. 
I help to define the project scope and goals with input from both parties and I support monitoring progress towards achieving those goals.


Incremental Adoption 

I will guide the company through a step-by-step process of gradually adopting AI technology into their existing workflows. My tasks will include assessing current processes to identify opportunities for automation or optimization using AI tools, creating a plan for introducing these tools incrementally while minimizing disruption to existing operations, providing training on new technologies as they are introduced, monitoring progress towards achieving efficiency gains or other performance improvements.


The overall benefit of having a coach throughout the AI adaptation process


  • Improved clarity and understanding: The coach helps translate complex AI concepts into clear and relatable language for non-technical stakeholders. This enables effective communication, ensuring everyone is on the same page and reducing resistance to change.
  • Enhanced collaboration: The coach fosters a collaborative environment by promoting effective communication within the AI team. This collaboration leads to increased innovation, better problem-solving, and smoother project implementation.
  • Increased stakeholder buy-in: Through effective communication, the coach helps stakeholders understand the benefits and potential of AI adoption. This leads to greater support, engagement, and investment in AI initiatives, ultimately driving successful business transformation.


Milestones of a AI transformation project

Define the scope of AI adoption within the company


  • I will conduct workshops or meetings with key stakeholders to understand their communication needs, concerns, and goals related to AI adoption.
  • Benefits: I can help bridge the communication gap between technical teams and non-technical stakeholders, ensuring a clear understanding of the potential impact and benefits of AI. This alignment fosters support and buy-in from all parties involved, leading to smoother implementation and greater acceptance.

Train existing employees in relevant AI skills


  • I develop and deliver training programs that focus on explaining AI apps & concepts, benefits, and implications to non-technical employees.
  • Benefits: Employees grasp AI concepts in a language they understand, reducing confusion and resistance. Effective communication empowers employees to adapt to the changes and embrace AI as a tool to enhance their skills, rather than a threat to their job security.

Continuously iterate and improve upon deployed solutions

  • I conduct regular feedback sessions with end-users, stakeholders, and the AI team to gather insights and communicate progress, challenges, and future plans effectively.
  • Benefits: Open and constructive communication channels, allowing for valuable feedback and insights to be shared. This feedback loop helps to identify areas for improvement, increases user satisfaction, and maintains transparency and trust among stakeholders

Develop a dedicated team responsible for implementing and managing AI projects

  • I can facilitate team-building exercises and communication training workshops for the newly formed AI team to enhance collaboration, understanding, and effective communication among team members.
  • Benefits: Better knowledge sharing, smoother project execution, and higher-quality deliverables.

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