AI Strategy Consulting

What does the AI evolution mean for your business?

Efficiency up

AI software increases the efficiency and productivity of a company so massively that its use quickly becomes a matter of survival in the business world. Just as computers are now an integral part of everyday office life, AI-powered processes will soon become ubiquitous. By using artificial intelligence, recurring tasks can be automated, saving time and resources.

My strategy consulting helps identify the right 
AI technologies for your business and how to implement them. Transformation processes succeed best when your employees are on board with their hearts and minds. 

Competitive advantage

As of now, the right use of AI is the key competitive factor. Companies that use AI effectively can get ahead of their competitors by offering better products or services, improving customer experience, or developing innovative business models.

This is not about treating your customers with digitized indifference. Heart and mind still belong together when dealing with customers.

My strategy consulting aims to develop an AI strategy that does not replace human skills, but supports them. Artificial intelligence is used where it is readily accepted as a good companion.

Data-based decisions making gets democratized

AI software enables intuitive, comprehensive analysis of big data to make more accurate decisions. By using AI, companies can extract relevant information, identify trends, and make accurate forecasts. In the process, the software becomes a data analyst that can answer even layman's questions.

Everyone in the company can ask questions the way they need to. The preparation and visualization of data can be done in seconds and can be very personalized to the needs of your employees.

My strategy consulting helps implement AI tools that help make data analysis more accessible and turn it into valuable insights for everyone in the organization.

Your data analysts will have more time 
for the tough cases.


Hyper-focused Customer service and personalization

AI software will help improve customer service and offer personalized experiences. Chatbots and virtual assistants will be able to answer customer questions so quickly and personally that they are actually seen as pleasant, helpful and friendly. In good companies, good service is available around the clock. AI models can analyze customer behavior and make personalized recommendations.

My strategy consulting helps identify the right AI solutions to optimize customer service and increase customer satisfaction.

Future proof

Stay optimistic and creative. Find your form with artificial intelligence.

We can start brainstorming now so you'll be well positioned tomorrow.

Artificial intelligence will revolutionize every area of business

Project Management

Efficient information sharing: Trello, Asana or are project management tools that use AI capabilities to organize tasks, track progress and facilitate team collaboration.

Data Analysis

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence platform that allows users to import data from various sources, analyze it, and create engaging visual reports and dashboards.

With Power BI, you can import your company data into the tool and then ask interactive questions using natural language. The tool has a feature called "Q&A" that allows you to ask questions in natural language and get instant answers in the form of charts or tables. It's designed to be used by people without deep data analysis knowledge.

For example, you can ask questions like "Show me sales by month broken down by product category" or "How did sales compare to last year?". Power BI will then analyze the data accordingly and present you with the results visually.

Google Data Studio is a free tool and even more accessible: here, too, you can import data from various sources and create appealing reports and dashboards. The templates will get you there very quickly. 

Translation in real-time

Microsoft Translator or Google Translate provide speech recognition and real-time translation capabilities that allow team members to communicate in different languages. These tools can also be integrated into chat platforms or video conferencing systems.

Human Resources

Sentiment analysis and sentiment feedback: Tools such as TINYPulse or Officevibe help capture team member sentiment and feedback. They enable anonymous surveys and feedback queries to gain a better understanding of team dynamics and employee needs.

Automation at its best

Zapier or Microsoft Power Automate enable automation of tasks and workflows by connecting different applications and services. Tasks such as sending notifications, updating databases or creating reports can be automated.

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