Change comes with U & AI

You don't need to be tech savvy. 
Just be curious. 

Update your old work habits. 

Right now. 

AI is not just a technology that effects us all. 
It also can be used by us all. 
As a Coach I help you and your teams to use this groundbreaking opportunity. 
Together we develop new habits as well as new skills.

I train AI adaptation and enhance productivity and creativity by introducing AI tools to your teams. 

Together we simplify communication, task management and customer relations. 

Start shaping your company's AI future now. 

Change your Game with AI

Together we solve issues like the following:

acceptance & curiosity

Some employees are afraid of change and are not ready to accept new technologies. 

As a Coach I introduce AI apps with low-entry-level tasks to make adaptation as easy as possible.  


The rapid AI development requires new skills and competencies. If employees do not have or learn these, competing companies gain an advantage. 
Together we analyze what your teams needs to learn and aim for quick wins to motivate. 


Digital transformation requires close collaboration between different departments, contractors and customers. 

Precise communication clarifies goals and what needs to be done. 

I supervise brainstorming and the transformation planning stage and support the communication process within the company. 

U & AI - time to get to know each other

"As a coach I understand that adaptation is best served with intrinsic motivation. 
So I don't just push a heap of AI apps your way. Instead we brainstorm, try & collaborate."

                           Jonas Kristen, Founder, The AI Coaching Company

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